Dedicated to Craftsmanship

Our bags and wallets come to life through a long and meticulous process of material sourcing and design in collaboration with European master artisans.

All leathers come from Italy and England and are full-grain, the rarest and most valuable of all leathers. They are rich, soft and vivid and become more and more beautiful with age.

The uniquely textured fish leathers, made of the fish skins from perch, salmon and cod, are produced in Iceland from a by-product of fisheries.

The brass parts and buckles are made in a small metalworking studio in Vienna. Finally, all bags and wallets are made in a family-run factory in Milan, Italy.

Everything Started in Paris
(by Aldo Giannotti)

Katherine Batliner

Founder and designer of BATLINER, she was born to a dynasty of poor craftspeople in Liechtenstein. Initially trained as a film director and screenwriter, she studied design in Zurih and Basel, and apprenticed in Istanbul with the master craftsman, Mihitar. After a decade of working in film industries in Berlin, Paris and London, Katherine discovered her passion for craftsmanship and founded BATLINER in 2011 in Vienna.

„The company that produces our fish leather is 100% energy self-sufficient. Certainly this is an exception as Iceland has numerous volcanoes with geothermal activity, but it also raises general awareness for ecological issues.“

Katherine Batliner